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Chips and snacks

We make toppings and flavorings for production of snacks. Our products from the Snack group are offered as a part of the Proaroma brand.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the ability to create products in accordance with market trends and the cooperation with our customers in developing custom flavors and aromas. Our products can optionally contain no E additives, have a limited content of the E additives, or be gluten-free.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we offer a broad range of flavor options:


sweet pepper, smoked pepper, Hungarian pepper, chili, green onion, cheese, Parmesan cheese, Fromage cheese, cheese-onion, barbecue, roasted chicken, pizza, kebab, sour cream, grilled vegetables, piri-piri, salsa, burritos, roasted ribs, etc.


sweet pepper, smoked pepper, green onion, cheese, pizza, curry, roasted chicken, ketchup, tomato, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, bubble gum, kebab, hamburger, sparkling cola, etc.

Potato crisps

Beckon, cheese, pepper, green onion, Mexican (hot), chili, sour cream, etc.

Crackers, salt sticks

Beckon, pizza, tomato, cheese, etc.


Wasabi, sweet pepper, chili, orange with ginger, cheese&chili, chili&lemon, honey mustard, teriyaki, etc.

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