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Additives for Convenience Food and sauces

The sector that enables our R&D Department to be very creative is Convenience Food. All prepared dishes for direct consumption after heating or sold as ingredient for preparation of dishes at home provide a great opportunity for innovations. Spices, additives, breadings, glazes, and sauces for all kinds of meat, fish, casseroles, barbecue dishes, vegetable mixes to be cooked on pans, frozen soups, and other similar dishes are developed in accordance with current culinary trends from all over the world. 

Additives intended for Convenience Foods can meet special requirements: be gluten-free, contain no E additives, be gluten-free, or contain no sodium glutamate.

Products from the Convenience Foods group are made under the Proaroma and Promix brands. 


Advantages for the customer:
  • friendly labels
  • durable and stable flavor and aroma
  • possibility to make Kosher and Halal products
  • safety of production

  • all types of meat, fish, vegetable, and pastry products
  • formed products: hamburgers, meat balls, etc.
  • breaded products
  • complete breading systems, including tempura

  • no glutamate
  • no allergens
  • stable and durable taste of the product, including frozen and reheated product
  • natural spices of high microbiological purity
  • functional preparations without E additives
  • preparations for Kosher and Halal products
  • preparations for both traditional and high-output products
  • stable and repeatable product

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