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Breading systems


Advantages of breading:

  • improvement of sensory characteristics and texture of the product
  • improved resistance to mechanical damage
  • protection of proteins against loss of water and access of air
  • increased weight of the product
  • corrected shape of the product
  • longer shelf life


The two main types of dry breading are external breading and internal breading. The Dry Breading products are also offered as a part of the Promix brand range.

EXTERNAL DRY BREADING, breading used on the outside of the product.
We offer technological assistance in selection of breading, taking into account:

  • the grain size (very fine, fine, medium-sized, and coarse)
  • the color (beige, orange, and yellow)
  • the crispiness and the texture (different baking temperature)
  • the application (frying, roasting, or microwaving)

INTERNAL DRY BREADING, added to all types of meat or vegetable stuffing. Increases the absorption of water by the stuffing, reduces the absorption of grease, and improves the structure, texture, and biteability of the final product.

We offer internal dry breading with different:

  • grain size (very fine, fine, medium-sized, and coarse)
  • color (creamy and beige)

WET BREADING is used among others to ensure adhesion of dry breading to the finished product. Depending on the function of the breading, we offer:

  • adhesive breading
  • cohesive breading (e.g. tempura)

Also, the customers can choose breading with different:

  • flavors
  • clearly sensible spice particles
  • colors

COMPLETE BREADING SYSTEMS – depending on the assumed increase of thickness and stages of breading, we offer comprehensive solutions for the entire breading process:

  • predust - for elements with skin, as well as single-muscle and formed elements
  • batter - a wet breading
  • breader - a flour or dry breading

We offer proven and ready-made solutions for different types of breaded products.

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