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For barbecue products

Our line of products for barbecue includes a broad range of dry marinades, toppings, and spice mixes in a full range of flavors and colors: from classic pepper, through herb, to very sophisticated ethnic flavors. Products from the Barbecue group are made under the Promasol and Proaroma brands.


Advantages for the customer:
  • for all types of meat, fish, and vegetables
  • safe use
  • guaranteed effectiveness
  • easy use

  • for red meat and poultry
  • sausages, hamburgers
  • fish, vegetables

  • no glutamate
  • no allergens
  • stable quality and repeatability
  • low dosing of preparations
  • limited quantity without E additives
  • appropriate tenderness and juiciness
  • stable and repeatable product

Our products are available in a dry, water-based, and oil-based version.

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