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Additives for Vege Food



Promar gradually broadens its portfolio of products intended not only for customers of the meat processing industry. Our solutions have worked great in other branches of the food industry. One of those solutions is products based on plant proteins, which are intended for persons who want to reduce the quantity of meat they consume (flexitarians) and for vegetarians. The use of organic ingredients from GMO-free crops, the reduction or complete elimination of allergens, and the clean label of products are trends that we have followed for a long time in designing new additives. The Vege Promar range of products is based on proteins from legumes other than soy, mostly peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and broad beans - all known very well in Polish homes.

What is important to us when designing Vege products:

High protein content and quality are as important to us as the flavor and texture of the products. When designing the Vege lines, a trained sensory panel evaluated the vegetarian products available in the domestic and European market. Such properties as flavor, aroma, texture, consistency, stability after thermal processing, and attractiveness of the labels were evaluated. The results of the analysis constituted the basis for determination of the desirable properties and for elimination of undesirable properties of products.

The key property was the FLAVOR. We have created several flavor variants intended for different groups of customers. Persons who have not consumed meat for a long time do not accept meaty flavors in products, while in the case of flexitarians it is just the opposite. The latter most often limit their consumption of meat for health-related reasons but they expect the products they consume to have a flavor that resembles meat products.

Our products include, frankfurters, analogs of cold cuts with addition of such vegetables as broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, and corn, as well as pepper-, curry-, and herb-tasting sausages with possible preparation on roller warmers. Products with meat (beef, poultry) flavor or meatless (spice, broth, vegetable) products. Our formed products include beef-flavored vegeburgers, breaded schnitzels, poultry-flavored nuggets, groat burgers made from buckwheat, millet groats, or quinoa groats, as well as vege balls in various sauces.


More information about vege trends belowe:

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