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Brines for the meat processing industry

Complete mixtures of functional products created using top quality ingredients. They use innovative technology and are characterized by low dosing and a limited quantity of E additives. They are highly efficient at a low cost of use. They give excellent physical properties of finished products.

  • Brines for smoked meat products
  • Brines for block products
  • Brines for traditional products
  • Brines for sausages
  • Brines for homogenized products
  • Brines for bbq products

Flavor additives for the food industry

PROAROMA offers the highest quality flavor additives for the food industry. Single spices and spice mixes composed for traditional, modern and regional recipes. They can be offered in „non-allergen”, „gluten free” or „no E” options. The Proaroma assortment includes a wide variety products groups:

  • Single spices
  • Spice mixes
  • Sauces
  • Aromas
  • Glazes
  • Toppings
  • Marinades

A line of specialized functional and taste additives for the food industry

Promix contains products created with the current market trends in mind that facilitates designing new products sought by consumers. Breading systems, alginate gels and vege line are the most fashionable addition for the traditional products from our portfolio.

  • Breading systems
  • Alginate casings
  • Stabilizers for mayonnaise, ketchups and sauces
  • Functional additives for vegetarian products

A brand dedicated to "purity". Selected natural ingredients are purified in a modern line for separation of foreign bodies and then undergo a process of hybrid sterilization. Products from the Propuro brand are characterized by significantly reduced microbiological parameters while maintaining high organoleptic quality.

  • Hybrid sterilization
  • Customized solutions (low microbiology + high quality ingredients)
  • Own microbiological laboratory
  • Sterilization of homogenous ingredients and flavor mixtures
  • Flexibility of quantities that can be ordered

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