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About our company

Welcome to Promar!

We are a company operating in the food industry for 30 years. During this time, we have become one of the most important players on the Polish market and successfully entered international markets. Our modern production plant meets the stringent BRC 8 and IFS standards. We have our own microbiological laboratory. We offer Kosher, Halal, Bio and allergen-free products, and our R&D department creates individual solutions for demanding clients.

Every day we work with matter that is as volatile as taste. For us, responsibility in business means everyday creative work related to following trends, creating new solutions, and inspiring our trading partners. While actively cooperating to maintain the highest standards of customer service, we provide clients with our stability, repeatability, and exceptional professional knowledge; we are a source of competence and support in the area of product development. We do it with joy, fueled by enthusiasm and a constant hunger for challenges. Therefore, all our customers can count on unique service, the scope of which goes far beyond the standards.

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Our industries

Our specializations

In the first period of its existence, Promar specialized in machines for the meat processing industry. In the 30 years of its existence, its product portfolio has grown and evolved. Today, Promar's very wide portfolio of machines, additives, and spices includes products for all sectors of the food industry. The comprehensive selection of additives includes, in addition to natural spices (traditional, sterilized, cryomilled, homogenous, and mixtures), various functional additives, breading systems (, glazes, brines for injection, alginate casings (

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